About Us


Erica Bigger is the CEO and Founder of WhollyGloss, a creative beauty brand that embodies angelic beauty. Uniquely qualified to craft chic, natural-beauty-enhancing products, she also formerly modeled for L’Oréal, Yeezy, and BET. and attended the esteemed Conde Nast School of Fashion and Design in London. She was even an assistant stylist for prominent designers and brands like Vera Wang, Oscar De Le Renta, Tracy Reese, and UnderArmour. Garnering over 90,000 monthly views on Pinterest and a 20% returning customer rate, WhollyGloss has quickly gained traction in the industry.


Erica launched this brand with one main thing in mind: to solve a need. From a personal standpoint, she ran into several issues when it came to makeup artists doing her makeup and her own beauty routine:


1. finding a gloss that gave her a strong color pigment for her dark-colored lips

2. having an option that was natural and vegan

3. having an eye gloss other than clear or dull colors


Acutely aware of the obvious gap in the market, Erica saw a huge opportunity: it was her chance to establish a space for cutting-edge products. Through WhollyGloss, she provides a wide array of quality makeup, from eye gloss to cream lipstick. However, she and her team don't just focus on glossy products. They are all about being mindful to ensure their formulas are:


  • safe for their customer’s 
  • long-wearing/ no white lines
  • waterproof
  • vegan/clean/cruelty free


They also specialize in products that…

  • work for all skin types/shades
  • have skin-nourishing ingredients
  • deliver bold color
  • leave no creases
  • give the ultimate gloss


Above all, Erica Bigger’s vision is and always has been to inspire. She firmly believes that makeup should look sexy, sensual, light, angelic, and most importantly, naturally beautiful… And this is exactly why WhollyGloss was created!