About Us


Once upon a time in the vibrant city of New York, there lived a young woman named Erica Bigger. She was ambitious, creative, and full of dreams. But amidst her aspirations, Erica faced a series of daunting challenges that tested her resilience.

Erica's journey began when she was diagnosed with fibroids, troublesome growths in her uterus. They caused her excruciating pain, affecting her daily life and dreams of starting a family. Battling this condition was a struggle, but Erica remained determined to overcome it.

Amidst her struggle with fibroids, she encountered another obstacle - ovarian cysts. These cysts brought along a whole new set of complications, causing discomfort and uncertainty about her reproductive health.

As if these challenges weren't enough, Erica experienced Hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy. This severe form of morning sickness made her pregnancy journey incredibly difficult, leaving her physically and emotionally drained.

The difficulties continued into her pregnancy and after childbirth as Erica faced prepartum and postpartum challenges. The hormonal imbalances and emotional rollercoaster took a toll on her well-being.

Through all these hardships, Erica never lost her spirit. She sought solace in her passion for cosmetics and beauty. She found a form of therapy in experimenting with makeup and lip products, creating her unique shades and formulas. In moments of distress, she turned to her lip gloss creations as a source of comfort and distraction.

With each swipe of gloss, Erica found a glimmer of hope and a sense of empowerment. Her passion for makeup grew stronger, and she began to envision a brand that not only offered beauty but also served as a symbol of resilience and self-care.

Driven by her experiences and determination to overcome her health challenges, Erica decided to launch her own lip gloss brand. Each shade she created was a tribute to her journey—bold colors representing strength, shimmering hues reflecting resilience, and subtle tones signifying hope and healing.

Her brand, aptly named "WhollyGloss," became a sensation. It wasn’t just a makeup line; it was a movement—a testament to overcoming adversities and finding beauty in resilience.

Erica's story resonated with many women who faced similar health battles. Her brand became a symbol of solidarity, inspiring others to embrace their struggles and find strength within themselves.

As her brand flourished, Erica became an advocate for women's reproductive health. She used her platform to raise awareness, support research, and provide resources for those facing similar challenges.

Through her unwavering determination and passion for beauty, Erica turned her struggles into a source of empowerment, creating a legacy that went beyond lip gloss—transforming lives and inspiring others to find beauty in their resilience.


Angelic Beauty- Beautifying women from the outside in and the inside out.